Supporting smart services

Endorsed by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs)



The overall aim of the EPIC project was to develop a flexible, extensible, future-proof cloud computing platform maximising the use of openstandards. This white paper describes how the EPIC platform hosts, manages and delivers a diverse range of smart-city applications to citizens and businesses, how it delivers smart-city data services to support innovation among SME developers and improves efficiency in city administration.

This white paper presents a brief summary of the Roadmap for smart cities, that was developed by EPIC. The roadmap provides a comprehensive guide for exploitation of the EPIC solution, covering important aspects such as strategy development, programme management, business case creation, as well as the implementation and operation of smart city services.

This white paper analyses the use of the Living Lab approach, within the context of EPIC, in the creation of three smart city services that engaged with several domains of the smart city principles (smart mobility, smart economy, smart governance and smart environment). It identifies the potential of deploying a Living Lab approach in supporting the innovation process of the EPIC services.

 EPIC is supported and partly funded by the European Commission