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Endorsed by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs)

Reminder of the EPIC Vision Statement

Submitted by sruston on Tue, 04/06/2013 - 00:00

EPIC will deliver a validated cloud computing-based platform for the provision of Smart eGovernment processes as a service and an accompanying roadmap that cities across Europe will be able to use to become smarter. Unlike a typical cloud platform, EPIC is primarily driven by business rules and consolidates unique features by supporting natively semantic languages and IoT (Internet of Things) – making it easier and more efficient for public administrations to harness the innovative potential of Living Labs and other eGovernment advancements across Europe to deliver state-of-the-art public services on a pan-European scale.


EPIC believes that a truly Smart City is one that is able to:

  1. Benefit from the innovative developments of citizens, SMES and other actors from across Europe rather than just within their own cities.
  2. Leverage a service infrastructure that is capable of delivering ‘one stop government’ through the integration of services, interoperability of systems and use of actionable intelligence in service delivery.
  3. Contribute to a multi-national service-oriented ecosystem by providing and sharing open business processes as services with other cities.

EPIC is predicated on the belief that a successful Smart City approach needs to overcome the fragmentation and duplication that currently prevents innovative synergies between large technology and service providers, city administrators across Europe, small and medium-sized enterprises and end-users.  EPIC provides a secure and trusted on-demand IT infrastructure and web services that will help deliver the necessary economies of scale and network effects to achieve high impact public service innovation in cost-efficient and effective manner. EPIC will also create a Roadmap for the pan-European implementation of the EPIC solution. The Roadmap will be developed throughout the entire lifecycle of the project and will show how European cities can sustainability transition eGovernment services and applications to shared European web-based services by exploiting EPIC platform.


1.       Cities

a.       Enhanced ability to provide more innovative, efficient and effective services at a reduced cost.

b.       New business models and working relationships with other cities and improved relationships with citizens and businesses.


2.       Citizens

a.       Access to more innovative, efficient and effective services.

b.       Enhanced ability to help improve public services.


3.       SMES:

a.       Greater access to local and international markets.

b.       Ability to work more cost-effectively via the EPIC cloud platform.


EPIC will help stakeholders across the public service delivery chain to kick start innovation and work smarter:


Therefore EPIC’s vision statement is as follows:

“To be the first choice service innovation and delivery platform for medium sized (50.000 – 500.000 habitants) cities across Europe, where any city can cost-effectively share, access and adapt a range of services to meet the needs of most, if not all, their citizens”.

Over the course of the project the EPIC ‘Intelligent City’ mission will become a reality for Brussels, Manchester and Issy-les-Moulineaux. In support of delivering the EPIC vision, the post-project EPIC will be a consortium of companies offering online added value public services for citizens and communities on a pay per use base. SMS’s will have the ability to offer new and more developed services in a chaired cost/profit model.

 EPIC is supported and partly funded by the European Commission