Supporting smart services

Endorsed by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs)


Innovative, ICT-based solutions - particularly those created in the user driven, open innovation environments of Living Labs (LLs) - hold an important key to helping European cities resolve work ‘smarter.’ Living Labs have proved to be an effective means to close the gap between innovative R&D and market take up, and make the innovation process more efficient. To achieve its vision, EPIC will use the Living Labs approach to combine i) user-driven open innovation, ii) connected smart cities and iii) web-based services in the following manner:

  1. Living Labs - iMinds Brussels, ISSY-Media and Manchester -will engage citizens in the innovation process to help drive creation of the type of ‘Apple iPhone’ services that citizens, businesses and city visitors want and are potentially willing to pay for
  2. Cities will work to plug existing and new co-designed web-based services into the open EPIC platform so that other cities can easily connect to the platform and use them
  3. Subject matter experts will use findings from pilot trials to help create a business-oriented, public-private partnership roadmap that incorporates a variety of differing business models from open source, to pay per use and licensing.

 EPIC is supported and partly funded by the European Commission